Ultra low-power lighting solutions


LEDfantastic is a worker’s co-op based in West Yorkshire, England. Founded by Dave, who has been playing with LEDs for many years, we sell our creations (check ’em out on Etsy if you’re interested), as well the components needed for you to get in on the fun. (You can buy components, kits, and all sorts of other LEDery at our webshop.) This blog is a way for us to share the things we find interesting, and will be updated every Tuesday and Friday.

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with what’s happening at LEDfantastic, but aren’t into blogs, you can subscribe to our newsletter 🙂

As the founding member of LEDfantastic, Dave comes up with great ideas. He is also very good at building LED lights, imagining installations, and teaching. Consequently, Dave is also Flo’s mentor, and is guiding them in the ways of the LED.

Flo, the newest recruit, is an apprentice. When not blogging, Twittering, and general internet-ing, you can usually find them soldering bits of wire and LEDs or studying electronics.

There’s also Billy, the accountant, and Em, the ethical advisor.


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