Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Meteor lights

As well as what has become standard summer busyness here at LEDfantastic, we’ve also been very excited about these fancy new lights we got. Check ’em out!

Meteor light

(It turns out it’s pretty much impossible to get a picture of these beauties light up, so bear with me. This is how nice they look close-up, encased in their waterproof plastic shell!)

I couldn’t get a picture that does these lights justice, partly because the light moves. A droplet of light falls down the tube, as the LEDs light up and fade, one after the other. It’s very pretty – some might even liken it to a meteor!

Each light comes with our standard plugs, so you can plug them straight into a power source, or join multiple lights together. We’ve got them in green, blue, red, and multicoloured (which I reckon steals the show).

Meteor light plugs

Maybe you can tell, but we’re a bit besotted with these. So besotted, in fact, that we haven’t got around to making a page for them on our webshop. (If you’d like to buy one online, they’re £15 each – drop us a line.) We’re taking them on tour for the summer though (Glastonbury, Wilderness, and Green Gathering festivals), so come and find us at a festival if you want one!


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