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Speeding up

It’s that time of year again, where LEDfantastic stretches its legs from a quiet winter, yawns, and goes over to the workshop. And there it will stay, but for brief intervals when it is whisked away to a tent, a field, a colder workshop in a colder place. I’m talking about festivals, which are consuming my time at an increasing speed.


It’s starts off as one day here, one day there, making stock & checking we have enough of the right adapters to run our lights. Then it’s another couple of days, and before I know it, I can’t shut my eyes without seeing plugs & LEDs & wire & solder. I enjoy this kind of work; it’s satisfying, it’s not too taxing, and you get almost-instant gratification (when something works).


We now have Glastonbury, Wilderness, and the Green Gathering confirmed for the summer, which is a pretty exciting range of festivals. Glasto’s up first, which is a big ‘un to start us off for the season. If you’ll be there & you fancy saying hello, we’ll be in the green crafts field 🙂 (I say “we”, but I won’t actually be there. Dave and some other lovely folk will be though.)


I’ll be seeing you again before the festival season starts, so ’til then…



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