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Trucking along

Things here at LEDfantastic have been fairly quiet, which has been reflected here as well. But things have been ticking over; Dave’s now back from Away, & we have a festival confirmed for the summer which is very exciting!

We’re going to be at the Green Gathering this August, running workshops & showing off what’s possible with LEDs. Festivals are actually how I got involved with LEDs. I stumbled across LEDfantastic’s tent at Glastonbury, and made myself (read: started making) the fanciest head torch in all of Glastonbury. (I never did get it done. It was going to involve knitting and all sorts of fanciful crafting, but I have since taken it apart & used the LEDs elsewhere.) I bumped into LEDfantastic again at some Radical Routes things, and thus it began.

Thanks to worthyfm for the photo

Thanks to worthyfm for the photo

Other than festival planning, we’ve been reviewing policies & working out processes. It’s felt good to set time aside for processing. When things are busy it’s easy to forget that angle; it’s easy to forget that there’s more to business that soldering & posting & accounting. Huzzah for getting things done!

That’s it for now – ’til next time…


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