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Checking in

In my experience, blog silences come in two types; the busy type & the quiet type. The recent silence on this blog has been of the quiet type. Bits & pieces have been going on; orders from the webshop, Radical Routes things, making lights. None of it felt like it warranted a blog post, but there’s been sufficient build-up of events that I can stick a post together. Hurrah!

There’s been a couple of big jobs; Circle of Friends hairdressers are all fitted out with our bulbs, as is one half of Cornerstone Housing Co-operative in Leeds. We’ve another domestic job coming up, and a community centre in the pipeline. But there’s been some small happenings too, which are definitely worth a mention.

Remember the Octolight? At the beginning of the year, a tentacle stopped working. No big deal; they’re easily replaceable, and it’s a quick operation. Shortly after the tentacle replacement, the whole thing just stopped working. I spent a long time hunched over piles of stuffing, wires, & batteries to determine the problem, but it remains a mystery. After much head-scratching, I re-made the whole circuit, and the Octolight is now restored to its former glory. Behold!

The Octolight

In other news, we had our zine reviewed on Spill the Zines! I regularly read Spill the Zines!, so I’m really pleased that they could give us a review. It’s a short one, so you’ve really no excuse for not having a look (follow the link above) – the whole site is worth a gander. It’s a great place to discover new zines, find calls for submissions, events, & ogle pictures of pretty zines.

Speaking of zines, I’ve got some that need reading, stat. ‘Til next time…


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