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See you next year!

We’ve been busy winding down this past week, and I’m very excited for the holidays. The new year is going to bring some change to LEDfantastic – Dave is off to warmer climes for some R&R, and me & Billy, known hitherto only as the accountant, will be taking over (cue evil laugh) in his absence. (It also looks like there’ll be some changes to the blogging schedule; we’ll see.)

We did do one last job this week though, before Dave leaves us in favour of sun and palm trees. We changed a light in The Deli, an eatery in town, to one of our very own lampshades. It looks pretty good, no? (Excuse the big circle around the light fitting. That’s where the old one was.)

Light in The Deli

We’ve also been having fun running competitions (which you still have time to enter!), fulfilling our commitment to Radical Routes (which in this case means writing a report on how we’ve been doing the past couple of months), and going for pub lunches – yay for festivities! (This is definitely the best job I’ve had. An impromptu Christmas lunch down at the pub – need I say more?)

That’s going to be it for now. Have a great holiday, and I’ll see you next year!


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