Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Our very own test rig

Apologies for the late blog post; I got carried away making things yesterday.

I made something!

GU10 test rig

I’m not entirely sure of it’s name, but for blogging purposes, I’m going to call it a GU10 Test Rig. (This makes it sound an awful lot more complicated than it actually is. A GU10 is a type of light bulb fitting.) As you’ve probably guessed, it’s main function is to test light bulbs; it lives above my desk, and is well-placed for the quick testing of bulbs. It’s got space for 17 bulbs (connected by crimps, which are the yellow things you can see in the photo), and is wired to an ordinary mains plug.

A GU10 fitting

Having testing equipment on-hand makes life so much easier; orders are quicker to put together, problems are easier to solve, and things are often faster to make. It also serves as more light for my desk, ’cause, y’know, that light bulb rig I made the other week just isn’t enough 😉

(If this was a comic, there would now be a “meanwhile, back at the office” panel.) Meanwhile, back at the office, Dave’s been busy making instructional videos for the webshop. There’s still lots of editing & double-checking to do, but things are coming along. Links’ll be available when we have ’em!


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