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In which we try our hand at code

Contrary to popular opinion, here at LEDfantastic we don’t just make lights. We also make websites.

Thanks to missha for the photo

Thanks to missha for the photo

(Well, ok, we’re getting a lot of help with the website, so we’re not quite making it all by ourselves. Keith, who makes the most wonderful wooden things over at Sessile Oak, is being an absolute star.)

As you may have guessed if you’re a regular reader, we’ve spent most of this week hard at work, re-doing our website. It’s going to have a very fancy new shop, and links to click on, and pictures to look at. And it’ll (hopefully) be ready in time for the next blog post!

I’ve spent today going through each page in the site (including the shop), testing all of the links, correcting grammatical mistakes, and generally making sure that everything’s ok. It’s a lengthy process, but a surprisingly satisfying one. As someone who’s interested in computers/websites/geekery as a form of entertainment and information on things I already know I like, rather than a form of education or interest of itself, it’s new to me to be fiddling around amongst bits of code and funny symbols. But I think I kind of liked it.  I just hope you like the new site as much as we do!

On a totally unrelated, but possibly interesting, note, Compilation Station (a blog that collates calls for zine submissions) have published a call-out for submissions for a zine of self-care. It looks awesome, and I might have to get writing myself…

…but not before the website writing is done! See you on Tuesday, (hopefully) with a brand new website in tow 😀


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