Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Christmas already?!

After the jeweller’s job earlier this week, things have been quiet this week. I have, however, been planning, although I’m reluctant to say too much about that ’til I have something to show for it. Keep yer eye out…

I did get around to some making this week though. I made some connectors, which whilst not very pretty, are rather useful.There’s connectors that enable one to run 12v lights from a car cigarette lighter, connectors from a 12v plug to crocodile clips, connectors that have a switch in, and connectors from a 12v plug to a battery snap. It’s satisfying work!

I’ve also been thinking about Christmas. Dave’s been working hard on our website, with a view to launching the website & webshop on 3rd December – just in time to buy loads of stuff for Christmas! 😉 It really does look very fancy, and I’m very much looking forward to sharing it with the world. I’ve also been thinking about Christmas-themed lights, and trying to walk the line between seasonal and tasteful. What would you like to see? Light-up tree decorations? Themed fairy lights? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks to Cle0patra for the photo


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