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A day at the jeweller’s

Things have been so very busy recently. Yesterday, we visited Townley Hall in Burnley, and today was spent at a local jeweller’s in town. We put LED strip all around the windows, and man do they look good!

It’s hard to see in the daylight, but rest assured; the reason the window frames are glowing are because they’re lined with this stuff.

(Better pictures should be up by the end of the week, but I’m just too pleased not to shout about it right now.) It was a really fun job to do; there were no disasters, no major mishaps. We even put a secret dimmer switch in:


As well as invading jewellers and museums, I’ve also been planning. It’s only recently occurred to me that Christmas isn’t so far away, and with a frantic rush that only fellow crafters will truly appreciate, I’ve been planning. I don’t know how or when, but there’s going to be lights. Exciting lights. With bikes and cars and who knows what else.

Watch this space!


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