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So many jobs, so little time

Apologies for the belated post. Things have gotten busy!

Yesterday was a particularly busy day; we finished off Tuesday’s job, and put a few extra lights in. We then rushed off to Halifax, where we put some new light fittings & LED bulbs in a podiatrist’s office. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take any photos, so instead, I’ll show you an awesome picture that was made partly with LEDs. Irrelevant, but pretty.

Thanks to jah~ for the photo

This morning, I also got the van done. (The one I mentioned last Friday.) It feels good to have it done, although it ended up an incredibly simple job; just two bits of LED strip wired in to the light fitting in the rear of the van. It’s very satisfying though; they switch on when the door opens and everything!


I’ve decided to make some changes (again – apologies, hopefully this one will stick!) to the blogging schedule. Posts will now be every Tuesday and Friday, with the odd extra post if there’s exciting things to share. The new schedule is more evenly distributed across the week, and it should make for less rambling posts. Let me know what you think though – I’m interested to hear other people’s opinions.


Totally unrelated but noteworthy is the fact that I finally got around to listening to Alt-J. They’re awesome. Many people have told me about them recently, so I had a listen to this live show and immediately understood what all the hype is about. I strongly recommend a listen!


That’s it for this week. I’ll see you on Tuesday, after the Radical Routes gathering!


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