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A busy day

Things are a-happening! There’s new lights and zine-based excitement and long sentences! In chronological order:

Leeds Zine Fair on Sunday was lots of fun, and pleasingly busy. I had really good fun chatting to zinesters, reading zines, and hanging out with friends. There was some interest in the zine which was a relief, and I found the most awesome zine: It’s Not You. I Just Need Space.

The zine fair feels like a long time ago though; it’s been a busy couple of days since. Today we headed over to our mate’s house and fitted a lot of LEDs. I made this strip light, complete with a dimmer switch! (Note the awesome CrimethInc poster.)

We have a busy weekend coming up also; this weekend is the Radical Routes gathering in Brighton. We’ll be there and might even maybe possibly ish have lights with us, so come and hi if you’ll be there.

In other news, No Dash For Gas are all safely down from the chimneys after an amazing seven day occupation. A whole week! There’s a great article explaining the action here – I’d highly recommend it. Until tomorrow…


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