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The zine is ready!

At long last! After more printing mishaps than I care to confess to in public, the zine is ready!

Light of my Life will be available at the Leeds Zine Fair this Sunday, 4th November. (I’ve also just heard that Newcastle Nerd Punx are going to be at the zine fair, which is surely reason in itself to come down!)

You can also order a copy from us – just send me an email (flo[AT]ledfantastic[DOT]com – replace [AT] with @ and [DOT] with .) We’d love a donation to cover printing & postage costs, or to trade – for zines or other little exciting things (vegan sweeties, patches, etc.).

I’m also busying myself today beginning the most epic set of fairy lights you’ll ever see. I suspect these lights’ll be a while in the making, but for now, know that it’s similar to the gyroscope lights I moaned about. But longer.

After much discussion on Monday, there’s going to be a slight change to the blogging schedule – I’ll now be updating every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s a little less evenly spaced throughout the week, which irritates me from a symmetrical point of view, but fits much better with my week.

Also exciting is that No Dash for Gas are still occupying West Burton power station. The people that were arrested have been released on bail, and others are camped out on the chimneys. They’ve been up there for 2 and a half days so far, and have enough supplies for a week. How awesome?

In other news – apprently there is lots of it right now – today is the first day of the ICA’s Co-op Expo in Manchester. Radical Routes, a co-op of radical co-ops around the UK, are going to be there, as is our Dave. Look out for the lights on the Radical Routes stall, and say hi if you see us!


2 comments on “The zine is ready!

  1. Hannah (BitterSweet)
    November 1, 2012

    Wow, congrats, a zine is a huge accomplishment! I hope it gets all the attention and kudos it deserves. 🙂

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