Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Operation Awesome Wheelchair #2

Photos! Many photos. We started with this:

And after lots of this:

We had this:

I’m so proud of the work we did on Friday. Look how neat it is!

What do you think?

I wish I could show you a video so you can see the colour change action, but it’s not possible on this blog – if we get one on the website, I’ll let you know. (It’s all the more pleasing ’cause it has a remote control. Remote controls make things more impressive.)

Despite the strong urge to spend the next two weeks basking in the glow of this job, I’ve been hard at work today making the zine. At last, it’s done! (And by “done”, I mean that I’ve finished the master copy, not that there are stacks of neatly stapled copies. Yet.) I’m pretty pleased with it, and am looking forward to making copies later this week. We’re hoping to launch it at Leeds Zine Fair this Sunday (4th November, 12 noon – 6pm, Wharf Chambers), so come on down to get your very own copy. There’s also going to be yummy vegan food, a ton of awesome zines, and a gig in the evening. What’s not to love?


In other (seriously amazing) news, No Dash for Gas have occupied and shut down West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire, highlighting the stupidity of a coal-fired future. They’re also an unspeakably awesome group of people. Follow ’em on Twitter to keep up with how they’re getting on.


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