Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Operation Awesome Wheelchair

Today has been a very exciting day. After getting up at silly o’clock to catch the early bus to London, we spent the day lighting up that wheelchair in Wednesday’s post. It’s been an incredibly fun and incredibly tiring day – but we did it!

I’m afraid I have no photos as of yet as my camera is on the other side of London, but I’ll be sure to shout about it when the photos are available. (In the meantime, enjoy the seasonal photo below. Pretty, no?) I’m really proud of this one – it has a remote control and everything! There’s colour change LED strip on the front – four strips, all working in sync. You can set them to be one colour, or they fade slowly through a series of colours, or they flash quickly, or you can even have a strobe light effect. On the back, there’s a (pleasingly bright) set of red lights.

Thanks to Marufish for the photo

One of the more fun things about today was hanging out with Ashok, who’s the wheelchair owner. It was great fun to hang out while we worked, and really nice of him to let us in his home. He also has the coolest trike in the world, which is SO much fun to ride on. Again, photos are forthcoming!

Come and say hi at the London Anarchist Bookfair tomorrow, if you’ll be around – Dave is running a workshop on setting up worker’s co-operatives. In other Dave-based news, he’s going to be running the Twitter from now on, so follow us for much more exciting (and probably also much more frequent) tweets. He’s much better at being social than I am, so it’ll be worth your while!

I’m going to leave it here for now – although I’m particularly enjoying writing about this awesome creation, it really has to be seen to be fully understood. Keep your eye out for the next post and on Twitter – you won’t want to miss out on the photo action!


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