Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Gyroscopes by night

It’s done!

I’m so, so pleased with how everything has worked with this job. Today was a day of finishing-touches, and I have to say that I was sceptical at first. It seemed unlikely that we’d get it all done, what with all the switches and the tape and the power supply. But we did it!

The fluorescent orange and green that lines the bars is UV tape, lit up by the strings of UV lights inside the gyroscope.  The frame that the gyroscope is mounted on – I’m afraid we didn’t get chance to take pictures of that bit today – is also lined with lights. There’s green, pink, and blue fairy lights that shine outwards (as seen in Wednesday’s post), and the inside is lined with colour-change strip.
It’s been lots of fun, this one. There was a scary few moments today – we plugged it all in, turned everything on, and nothing happened – but thankfully, they passed quickly. After much panic and faffing, we realised that we’d just wired the switches wrong, which is a 2-minute job and in no way the huge, monumental mess-up I had thought it would be. All is well, and oh so pretty!


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