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Close, but no cigar (yet)

(Protip: This blog post is much more satisfying if you read it to the tune of Millencolin’s No Cigar.)


Today has been a productive day. We’ve used a Dremel, crimps, and more cable ties than you can possibly imagine, and we’re nearly there.

See those twinkly lights? We made them!

(In case anyone’s confused about what place a Dremel has in making lights, the answer is very little (as far as I know). The grey box you see above contains the power supply, and here I’m grinding off the excess bits of screws that’re holding the power supply firmly in the box.)


Look at the pretty lights! Handmade, each and every one! (These are the hundreds of LEDs I was moaning about last week. There was a point! And it’s a very pretty one!)

I have to dash to carry on with the cable ties. Pretty pictures of the whole thing, coming soon. We’re so nearly there! (Can you tell I’m a little frantic?)


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