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More bright lights

Today’s been another busy day at LEDf HQ, as the gyroscope nears completion. The last lights, colour change LED strip, came into being today, meaning that all that’s left (I know, I know) is to put the thing together!

Thanks to Rain Rabbit for the photo


We now have UV fairy lights, coloured fairy lights, and colour change lights ready to go. It’s all rather exciting, seeing it finally come together. Possibly my favourite thing (so far) about this project is going from complete fear, to timid apprehension, to varying levels of confusion. There’s been small triumphs along the way, but I’m not quite ready to declare victory just yet. Pretty pictures have to be on the blog before I can make such claims!

Thanks to Ella G. Lee for the photo

Other exciting things have been happening today – the most noteworthy being zine preparation. It’s still in the pipeline, and, as the Leeds Zine Fair approaches, is becoming more of a reality.


Until then, enjoy the last of the summer weather (and by summer weather, I mean being able to see the sun), if you’re anywhere near us. I’ll see you on Wednesday, perhaps maybe even kind of with pictures. You never know.


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