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All your LEDs are belong to us

Unfortunately, I don’t have gyroscope photos today, as I was hoping. I only have hundreds of LEDs, each needing individual wiring, soldering, and insulating. (By hundreds, I mean 122, but that is 244 legs to solder and insulate. As you can see, I make use of repetitive tasks by exercising my maths skillz.)

But, the gyroscope has arrived! It’s rather exciting to see it sitting in the car park, awaiting shiny new lights. Visualising the job is proving helpful too; beforehand, I could only be excited whilst ignoring the cloud of whelm that was hanging over the back of my mind. But now things are taking shape. And they’re taking shape to the tune of The Postal Service, which is never a bad thing!

Apologies for another short post. (I’ve noticed a curious “amount of work:length of posts” ratio, which I hope to address in the upcoming posts.) More to come on the gyroscope. There will be pretty pictures as soon as the lights are fitted!


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