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For things to come

Although today is a pretty quiet one for me, I’m excited for things to come. I’m excited for Light Night tonight. I’m excited to make more soft toy lights à la Octolight. I’m excited for a gyroscope on Monday.


This gyroscope business has been a long time coming, what with everyone’s busy summer schedules. But it’s most definitely Autumn now, and on Monday a human-sized gyroscope will appear at our place, ready for lighting. We’ve got lights in ready, and the plans are all drawn up. Now we need to put it all together.


Having never worked on such a job – the biggest thing I’ve worked on is a van, which you can take a peek at in our image gallery – I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes. How we’ll work the kinks out (I’m assuming there’ll be some), how all the technicalities will work, and most importantly, how the thing’s going to look.

Thanks to CEThompson for the photo

If it’s anything like it does in my head, it’s going to be amazing. There will, of course, be pictures.


Before I head off, I keep meaning to ask – are people interested in a tutorial for how to make your own DIY light bulb? You can read the original blog post about it here. I’d love to know what you think, and whether there’s interest.


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