Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Bike rides & high fives

Today has been one of those days that just hasn’t gone right. Worst of all, it’s been long, and it’s far from over.

But there has been been kindnesses. I got home from my adventures to some amazing people. I also arrived home to see my fancy new bike light has arrived, just in time for tonight’s cycling mission. And guess what? It’s made of LEDs!

Thanks to Manic Street Preacher for the photo

The fact that I’m not making this light myself is not lost on me, and is something I’m feeling (only slightly) guilty about. The thing is, I need this light quickly. Making lights means trips to the workshop, it means spending time on it, and most of all, it means thinking. And sometimes you just need a break.

I’m very excited about this light. It’s bright, and it only requires three AAA batteries, and it’s so useful! I’m certainly looking forward to feeling safer on the roads.

Today’s post is a quick one as I’m in between getting home & leaving again, but I’ll be back on Wednesday with some zine-related content. The posts should be getting more LED-related now that I’m back too, so you might even see some new lights soon!


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