Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Colour-change lights and pretty shadows and chandeliers, oh my!

I’m still far from my soldering iron, so new lights this week I’m afraid. But there is…

Edgbaston Reservoir!

This is where I’m hanging out this week. As you can see, there’s no workshop in sight, so I’ve been reduced to merely thinking about lights.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about chandelier-type lights. There’s a lot of terrible ones out there (they’re not really my style, which doesn’t actually make them terrible), but there’s also some good ones. And I reckon one with LEDs would be…well…fantastic. (I can hear you all groaning from here.)

We already do tentacle lights, which are posable lights that bend in any direction. We’re basically most of the way there! We could make them pretty and do some fancy arranging…we could even forget the tentacles altogether and create something entirely new. There could be colour-change lights!

My only concern is what I’d do with the thing when it’s made, but I’m sure we’d sort that out. There could be fancy centrepieces and pretty shadows and dimmable lights…and that’s without getting carried away!

What would your ideal chandelier look like?


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