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A weekend on the coast

This post is going to have very little to do with LEDs, as I’ve spent the weekend wonderfully disconnected from the rest of the world. I’ve been here:

And here:

Thanks to myrddrr on Flickr for the photo

It’s been totally amazing. We went camping by the (above) beach in Pembrokeshire, and oh my, that place is pretty.

Thanks to reynard on Flickr for the photo

When the weather got a bit too windy & rainy, we retired to Haverfordwest, and spent the rest of the time eating delicious food & generally hanging out. There was much relaxation to be had, and LEDs haven’t really been high on my priority list. I have been thinking up some fun ideas though (toy cars, anyone?), which will undoubtedly make an appearance here. Keep an eye out, and in the meantime, I give you this:

Thanks to Ade46 on Flickr for the photo

(You might notice that only one of these photos is actually mine. This is because despite taking my camera, and actually using it, the one you see is the only one fit for public consumption. One day I will learn.)

Enjoy the beach pictures – if you’re land-locked, like me, you probably don’t see them that often – and I shall see you on Wednesday. (Before you go, you might like BitterSweet’s vegan cookie dough ice cream, which I can’t wait to make, and Rain’s take on OSHcamp.)


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