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The Octolight

Continuing with my current theme of “textile crafts + lights = gifts”, I bring you:

The Octolight. It took me a while to make, due in no small part to the headfuzz that descended every time I thought about making it. All the sewing, soldering, and stuffing, to say nothing of powering the thing. But I got there, in the end, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

The tentacles are pose-able, and are powered by a 9v battery stored in the head. The back of the head has a zip, so the battery can be changed. I couldn’t find the exact kind of switch I’d like, so tiny switches at the end of tentacles will have to wait for future octopi. (The switch for this one is at the side of the zip.)

The eyes caused a surprising amount of dithering, and I eventually settled on safety eyes. Partly because they’re big enough, partly because they’re definitely going to be even (no bug-eyed octopi for me!), and partly because I harbour a very strong, if rather irrational, hatred of embroidering eyes.

It’s all soft and cuddly and light-up and yay! If you’d like one, keep an eye on our Etsy shop. They’ll be going up there on Tuesday (if not Monday), when you can order to your heart’s content. I’ll be sure to post a reminder in case you forget 😉

I’m spending the weekend camping in Pembrokeshire, so today’s post it going up early, before I hop on the train. See you on Monday, hopefully with pretty seaside pictures!


2 comments on “The Octolight

  1. katetoch
    September 21, 2012

    What an amazing light – looking forward to the shop!

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