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A DIY light bulb

It’s another busy day here at LEDfantastic HQ. I’ve just finished making the separate components of that light involving embroidery, so I just need to put it all together, and it’ll be done! I had plans for other lights today too, but I think they might have to wait – there’s also an awful lot of sorting throughout the office to get done before playtime’s over.

Remember that light bulb light I keep wittering on about? Here it is! I’m very, very pleased with it. It has two circuits, a white one & a colour change one, so you can have either or both lights on at the same time. There’s going to be a tutorial coming for this one, so if you’d like to make one of your very own, keep checking back. Or, you could buy one ready-made from us! 😉 Send me an email (flo[AT]ledfantastic[DOT]com, replacing [AT] with @ and [DOT] with .) and we’ll talk. They’re also going to be up in our Etsy shop from Friday.

But enough talking!

I’m pretty pleased; there’s only one change I’d make for next time. I’d make the wires between the LEDs shorter, so it’d be easier to stuff them all in the light bulb. Other than that, I’d call it a success. It gives off enough light to read from in the dark, it’s pretty, and I’m just smitten with those colour change LEDs.

What do you think?


3 comments on “A DIY light bulb

  1. Hannah (BitterSweet)
    September 14, 2012

    Very cool! I never even considered that a light bulb could be something more than plain, white, and boring.

    • LEDfantastic
      September 15, 2012

      Thank you! Yeah, I had fun seeing what interesting things could be done with ’em. I’m sure there’s many more possibilities too!

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