Ultra low-power lighting solutions

That’s how the light gets in

This weekend, I went to see Leonard Cohen play in London, and it was amazing. Totally, indescribably, amazing.

Thanks to Søren Hugger Møller for the photo

It also seems like LEDs are fast becoming my “thing”, which I suppose is a good job for someone who works with them. Walking around London with my mum and our friend Jill, I was pointing out LED strip lights all over the place. (It seems the Olympics possessed the powers that be in London to install LED strip lights everywhere. They were even decorating Wembley Arena, where me & Leonard hung out.)

I’m also working on a very exciting light – two very exciting lights in fact, but only one of them has occupied lots my time today. I’ll be writing about it on here when it’s finished, but know that it involves an octopus and velvet. I’m very excited.

I also finished that light bulb light today. It’s very pretty, if I do say so myself, and it’s going to feature in Wednesday’s blog post, so keep yer eye out.

In other news, if you like ribbon, you might want to head on over to Made By Rae, and enter the ribbon competition there. Rae’s blog is also worth checking out – it’s beautiful.

A last bit of random news before I go – I found an artist called Sóley, and I’m smitten. Such pretty, pretty music!


2 comments on “That’s how the light gets in

  1. katetoch
    September 11, 2012

    Love the title of this blog!!

    • LEDfantastic
      September 12, 2012

      Thanks! I try to keep questionable wordplay to a minimum on here, but this I just couldn’t resist.

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