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Making time

Recently, I’ve increasingly found myself over-committing my time. (Today is a prime example – I thought I could manage a date, a trip to the cinema, and 6 hours worth of work. Don’t ask me how.) I’m not sure how it happens.

It’s like I underestimate everything, repeatedly. First I underestimate things on my growing to-do list, and just how long it’ll take to do them. Then I underestimate how long any given activity will take. (A meeting? One hour. Cinema? One and a half, at most. You see where I’m going with this.) As the final blow to my intellect, I overestimate my energy levels. For some reason, I assume that I’ll no longer need 8 hours of sleep, and that I don’t really need to rest, and I probably won’t get grouchy if I don’t get enough alone time. It all adds up to one pretty effective car crash.
The up-side of this, however, is that in my sleep-deprived, sluggish state, I get adamant about spending enough time alone. I get to catch up on blogs (I’ve been particularly enjoying The Aadvark’s Bizarre and Yarn Harlot, as well as BitterSweet – blogs about words, knitting, and craft/food respectively), listen to music (as I type I’m listening to Regina Spektor’s Samson), and read webcomics. (Yes, you guessed it, that link is to Questionable Content.) I’ve also been getting into Anna Karenina and Mutual Aid, albeit not simultaneously.

However, all of this hasn’t left me with much time for  LEDs. I’m really missing the soldering iron & and the flux. I want to play and create. I want to make lights!


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