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Leeds West Indian Carnival (with added parentheses)

Today’s post is up a little late because…well, because it was carnival day! Apologies.

Today was Leeds West Indian Carnival. It was great (if a little rainy). There were lots of amazing, creative costumes (even if I did foolishly forget my camera); praying mantes, royalty, and peacocks, to name a few.

Thanks to ITV for the image

There was dancing. (I got to see a close friend of mine dance for the first time, which was definitely a highlight.) I love how (almost) everyone dances as the parade passes through – I love the music, the mass of smiling faces, the movement.

Thanks to Cloud Oven for the photo

There was delicious food. I had dumplings (which may not seem special when you take into account that I live mere minutes away from the eatery that makes the delicious, doughy, deep-fried drops of heaven, but it was Carnival Day, which makes them special) and sugar cane. Mmmmmm, sugar cane.

Thanks to Meg Stewart for the photo

There was one thing missing though. (You get three guesses…yeah, you got it.) There was a distinct lack of lights. (I know, I know.) I was reminded of an earlier post on this blog, and was imagining the effect of a few LEDs here, maybe some lights there. I’m guessing this kind of thing isn’t in the budget of many participating groups, but I reckon it’s do-able. It’d certainly work for around now, when the sun’s setting & there’s music and fun in the park. What d’you reckon?


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