Ultra low-power lighting solutions

Like a broken record

Sometimes I get stuck on things. (By sometimes, I mean all times.)

Right now, I’m stuck on a few things. First and foremost, Andrew Jackson Jihad. They’re an acoustic punk band from the U.S, and they’re awesome. How can you not be with lyrics like “I wish I had more money than I have. And I know that that’s not punk, but I’d like to pay my rent”?

I’m also stuck on Questionable Content. It’s a wonderful web comic a friend showed me yesterday. (It’s a very recent infatuation.) And I’m stuck on lace knitting.

Thankfully, I’m also stuck on LEDs. I want to make all the lights. (Unfortunately, Dave is currently away at Solfest, and has all the LEDs with him.) I have so many plans for when I can get my grubby mitts on some LEDs. I’m going to make tentacle lights, strip lights, and most of all, a light bulb. A made one of these a few months back as a gift, and I’m excited to make another. There’s even going to be a tutorial.

What have you gotten stuck on recently?


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