Ultra low-power lighting solutions


I’ve not been well recently, and have come down with a major case of what the knitters call Startitis.

I’m in the process of making two different lights, both of which are a little fancier than I know how to do. I walk around the house making mental notes to make a 1m strip light for the stairs/living room/hallway/you name it. On a more pressured note, I have to make up orders that come in here at work.

And that’s just LEDs, which I only really play with at work. (I’ve yet to sort myself out with a workshop at home.) I have several sewing projects shoved in the corners of my room; that bag that got complicated, the cuffs that I got bored of, and a half-made wallet scattered in pieces. My knitting was abandoned long ago – I don’t know if that nearly-finished cardigan will ever see the light of day. Those socks hiding behind my bin will probably never actually become socks.

Are you prone to bouts of Startitis? What do you do when it strikes? Should I take it easy and rest, or is now the time to push through and finish some projects?


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