Ultra low-power lighting solutions


Hello and welcome to LEDfantastic’s new shiny blog! We’ve been busy the past few months, with a new shop on Etsy (which we’re slowly stocking up), getting acquainted with Twitter, and, of course, making lots of lights.

We also have a new (prospective) member! I (Flo) have come on board as an apprentice, and am responsible for all sorts of internet-based wizardry. I’ll be doing the blogging, the tweeting, and am trying my hand at Etsy too. I’m having a lot of fun thus far, and am really enjoying playing with LEDs too. They’re loads of fun! Who knew?!

The team now consists of Dave, who’s LEDfantastic’s founding member, Billy, the accountant, Em, the ethical advisor, and me. It’s a really fun bunch to work with, and there’s the perfect ratio of cake:work!

On the blog, we hope to keep you entertained with lots of LED-based fun, maybe the odd interesting article, and a tutorial here and there. If you’d like to contribute, just give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you.


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